The making of the Liquore al limone.

Start with looking after a house of your friends, while they are holidaying, which contains the book G. Bugialli: Foods of Italy.

The House in question

The House in question

The same house.

The same house

Read the recipes and eventually copy the one, which produces lemon liquor. Save it to your hard drive and let it stand in dark place for about a year.

After this period of maturation, buy vodka and lemons. Zest the lemons add vodka, and let the mixture stand in dark place. Next, filter the infusion and bottle it. Design the label, trying to avoid air bubbles during the process of sticking the highly adhesive labels onto the bottles. Photograph the bottle of appealing, clear pale-yellow, viscous liquid, let it stand some more and then sit back and take delight in tasting it.  Enjoy. I did.

All “liqueur-photos” were taken on Dawn’s patio, looking onto her beautiful garden.