Don’t go by name. I’ve met good people there.

Vary conveniently situated in suburb of Hatfield, away from the city center, close to site of government and its offices, so it is not in want of the business.

You have a choice of seating: outside, under the shade of trees and umbrellas, or inside, in traditional South African pub surroundings.

In the summer month, my choice is undeniably outside, although today I sit at the back, on the cool patio (34 °C in Pretoria today), which has el. plugs for patron’s laptops.

The photos in this post were taken in the course of 2011 and previous year, and I think that they have a place in my `Tour of Pretoria` project. Therefore here I am, having a pint in order to make this post a genuine article, so to speak.

There is Rike to play a professional tune for you on Sunday afternoons.

Enjoy …